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May 5th 2012 

Keepstone Farm

412 Russel Rd Berryville VA 22611




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Open to all AKC accepted herding breeds with priority given to Boerboels. 2 tests in 1 dayclasses to include PT (pre trial tested) HT (herding tested) and IT (instinct tested)

Instinct Test Description and Test
The dog is brought into the arena on a long line approximately 6-15 feet in length. At some point
while on the line, the dog must demonstrate a stop (down,sit or stand) and a recall before the line is dropped or removed. A dog, which cannot be recalled, shall not be let off line. Dogs must be immediately removed from the ring if physical force is necessary to protect stock from
the dog.

Instinct Tested Certificate. The
American Kennel Club will issue an Instinct Tested certificate to an eligible dog that has been certified by two different Judges to have qualified by passing two separate licensed or member Herding Instinct Tests.

For more rules and regulations related to AKC Herding go to the AKC website